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See , Know, and ATtend.

Just hold up the camera to begin your adventure.
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What a wonderful Town!
Let's seek happiness!


It's hard to know the direction if it was the first place to come!

I have a map, but I am in trouble if I do not know which way to proceed.

Using mobile phone and walking is dangerous

Tells us only the position of the spot,
Tells us which way we should go.
Navigate us in the first step

Know what is that

By viewing the surroundings via the camera, you can instuitively get information of the directions and distances of spots like sightseeing facilities/spots, sport/leisure/culture facilities, parts, etc. in your surroundings.
In the future, personalized information can be displayed by "Relatedness Technology", which is the unique technology developed by Kobe Digital Labo.

Know what is Beyond here

The information is zoomed by pinching in and out.
The zooming-in will zoom the information of something in the distance.
You can find out what is there in the distance. 

Where shall we go next?

The place with a ball bounding is a hot pot that is popular now.
The hot spots and the degree of hotness are described by the bounding height of balls.
If there is a hot spot out of the screen, soap bubbles come out to let you know.
You can instinctively know various popular spots such as hot spots in the past, long-time popular spots, and favorite spots for foreigner.

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